Friday, September 7, 2018

Hint #8 and #9- Art Scavenger Hunt Continues!

Welcome to the Art Scavenger Hunt! We are very sorry that we weren't able to release a hint yesterday, so today there are TWO hints for you to interact with. GOOD LUCK!

Send us your answers via email or direct message via social media channels,and we'll enter your name to WIN a $100 in art cash. DRAW is tomorrow at 4pm!

The first HINT is: What's the name of the heritage building that we posted a photo of today on our Twitter, Instagram and Facebook? The painting is by Jennifer Harrison is coming to the gallery soon!

 The Second Hint is: What's the name of the solo show by Damien Webb opening tomorrow afternoon, 1pm-3pm...which you need to come!

Here's a sample of one of the amazing HAND CUT paper and matte-board miniature sculptures you will see!