Wednesday, July 3, 2019

Gordon MacDonald Speaks about Nothing

It may sound a little like a Seinfeld stand-up routine- where Jerry Seinfeld always talks about "nothing" but Gordon MacDonald's topic of discussion was "doing nothing"  when he was recently a guest of the popular MoMondays Halifax series in May which is now online for all of us to enjoy. He of course, made people laugh but spoke honestly and openly about how he got to where he is right now.   Please take a look and share widely!

(BTW- Gordon's solo show is coming up on July 19th and a workshop on July 28th that you can sign up for today! Find out more by phoning or visiting our blog section called WORKSHOPS!) 

We can't speak highly enough about this wonderful series that more people really should attend- it's inspiring, funny, and a breath of fresh air to hear everyday people share their stories in a wide array of topis. We encourage you to follow the MoMondays website where you can link to their social media pages including the most active one,  Halifax Facebook Page for updates on monthly speakers and topics. Maybe you'll even want to participate!