Saturday, July 27, 2019

Out and About: Jan Davison's Art in the Places that Inspired it

If you're out and about...or as we say in Nova Scotia..."out and aboot" at local Nova Scotian businesses, make sure to keep your eyes peeled for original art by Jan Davison.

Jan is a local artist that has worked with our gallery since it began, 19 years ago! She has always been interested in capturing places and people all around our region and for the last number of years, has been painting her favourite Halifax Haunts, and a few others along the Lighthouse Trail.

We thought it would be fun to showcase her art outside of the standard gallery setting, and place the paintings in the actual locations that inspired them.It's almost like an art scavenger hunt! How many will you discover?

We are adding new locations all the time, but so far we have art hanging at The Old Apothecary, Rousseau Chocolatier, and The Brown Hound and Boxing Rock Brewery in Shelburne (the artists' favourite brew of all!)

Take a look below and take a moment to support local businesses and artists any time you can.

Jan Davison's painting of The Old Apothecary! Enjoy it with your coffee now, or take it home!

Eat some chocolate and look at art by Jan at Rousseau

Look up....over there! It's Jan Davison art at The Brown Hound! Horray!  (Ps- we hear their burgers are the best!)

...And if you need great beer and you happen to be in Shelburne, check out BOXING ROCK! They are building a new brewery with a tasting room too- can't wait! 
Happy exploring ! Let us know what you think! Of course, all of these works are available to purchase. You can see better images of these works HERE. If you'd like to see some other works by Jan Davison, you can get in touch and we'd be happy to send you some more images.Always happy to help you own original art by local artists. :-)