Friday, July 5, 2019

Pre-Shrunk Sale Round-Up!

We're all familiar with the Pre-Shrunk exhibition held at Argyle Fine Art every January.  

Some of our gallery artists were first introduced to us through this annual group show.  Many of whom went on to have solo exhibitions at Argyle in later years!

Pre-Shrunk offers a wide variety of works from artists of all walks of life.  Every year the gallery is bombarded with hundreds of small works.  Artists submissions are carefully curated in preparation of this highly anticipated event.

This year we had almost 500 small works hanging on the gallery walls!

You may be asking yourselves, what happens to all the unsold works after the show ends?  

While some pieces are returned to artists, others remain in our inventory, and may be featured as independent offerings or in small groupings throughout the year.  

From year to year the steady influx of small works start to accumulate, and the older pieces end up in storage.  As time (and wall space) permits, we often find ourselves looking for opportunities to display these lost (but not forgotten) gems.

The Pre-Shrunk Sale is a great way to pick up some inexpensive works for your home or office.  It's also a fun way to add a few new pieces to an existing collection.  Small works are easy to find a place for.  Many of which can stand up on a shelf, or be hung on a wall, on its own or in small grouping.  Small works can add an accent to your existing decor.  

There's lots to choose from, drop in today!   

The Pre-Shrunk sale has been extended!!!, works range from $65 to $95.  Contact the gallery for details!