Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Pandemic Baking in ART.....remembering the Good Old Days of 2020

About this time last year, many of us were still expecting to be in "lockdown" for just another week or so. Most folks didn't go into work and stayed home to wait it out and keep others safe, but in the meantime got down to baking! Yeast and Flour were becoming scarce. The Era of the Sourdough began in full force - one could say "sourdough was on the rise".There were many recipes out there for baking bread in a Dutch Oven like THIS ONE that is easy and  delicious! 

So it's fitting to share this new painting by George Spencer that looks good enough to eat. Come see it in person. You won't be disappointed! Don't worry, you can crust us. HA! It's a shame that bread puns are always so crumby. But we digress....enjoy the art and your day folks! Visit Argyle Fine Art soon for happiness with art that is of the upper crust.

George Spencer, Fresh Bread, 9" x 12" Oil on Board