Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Send a little Happiness in the Mail with our Continued ARTMAIL FOR SHUT-INS Show!

 We are coming up to almost a year of learning to live within a pandemic world. It certainly is a different world than it was this time last year, but we continue to be hopeful for the future. When the gallery had to close for months, we started an online show called ARTMAIL FOR SHUT-INS and it has been on-going ever since.New artists are always welcomed via our submission page.


One of our gallery artists that has been such a great support through all of this, has been Deb Bromley. She recently wrote about her feelings about the ups and downs of it all and how art has helped. Take a read and drop by soon to see her artworks:

Just about one year ago everything changed. I know I wasn't the only one who felt shocked and a bit lost from those changes. It was like everything was on pause and I kind of lost my desire to paint for a while. When Argyle Fine Art started the "Art Mail for Shut-Ins" at the gallery, I found a way to just start small with a little painting each day. This show was a way for people to reach out and stay connected with these little pieces of art, and it gave me a way to get started again.Small original works to send through the mail, and what a great idea it was!

 Artists painted and people sent them. They collected them and hung them in their home offices and I hear they they brought a bit of brightness to people's lives. 

So, the Art Mail project is still on-going. These little flowers are just a few of the new ones I've painted up for the gallery. I hope that even though we're almost a year in to this crazy time you'll remember to send a little brightness to someone who may still need it. 


Make sure to drop by the gallery or online HERE, and add a little happiness to your day. Each work in this show is just $20 and easy for us to mail to your friend near or far! ALSO....Easter and Mother's Day are coming...these make great affordable gifts while supporting local business and artists!