Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Spring Fling with Art: Upcoming Shows, EGGcellent Virtual Egg Hunt and more!

Hey there!  The gallery is starting to fill up with new works by our gallery artists and a few new guest artists too, in our upcoming show GET OUTTA TOWN, opening on Easter Weekend, Saturday, April 3rd, 1:30pm-3:30pm. 

If you are in the city, put us on your TO-DO list and come see some amazing art by artists inspired by their memories of travel. Through their art they will share some of their favourite places and spaces! Like this gorgeous painting by Haley Toll of a very special place in Hawaii. 

Looking at this painting in person is a lovely experience as there are many layers and textures. You can almost hear the warm breeze through the trees.....

Did you want to be part of our EGGcellent array of art? Why not get involved with our Virtual Egg Hunt! We are looking for artists of all ages!  CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE AND GET STARTED!

Of course, we always have beautiful cards, jewellery and small paintings that can uplift and inspire too. Small works have just as much power and meaning to people than the larger more expensive works in our opinion. 

An example of a new card by Briana Corr Scott

For example, our on-going ARTMAIL for SHUT-INS has been very popular. Each of the works submitted is sold for $20 and people really enjoy sending these works to friends in the mail for the cost of a stamp or two. Here's an example of a beautiful Spring inspired one but you can see more HERE

Small watercolour painting by Deb Bromley

We always have small works in our inventory the ones below that are sold for $85 each. See more available paintings HERE.

And don't forget to check out our NEW ARRIVALS section each week on our blog HERE!  These adorable little birds just arrived by James Darley!   HAPPY FIRST WEEK OF SPRING!