Saturday, April 29, 2023

Come on a Virtual Hike with us!

 Happy Saturday! The sunny Spring weather has us daydreaming of going on a hike through the Nova Scotia wilderness! Luckily enough, Mark Brennan recently brought several all new artworks into the gallery. These paintings and watercolour pieces transport you right into the heart of the wild and beautiful nature around us!

Mark Brennan, Blue Light of Morning, Keji, Oil on Panel, 11"x14", $700

One very special thing about Mark's artworks is that sometimes he includes the coordinates of the locations he paints! This is very exciting, as folks can visit these places in real life! However, it may not be so simple to drop everything and go on a hike, so we decided to put together a virtual hike. Below you can find a couple of Mark's works along with the coordinate location!

Mark Brennan, Louse Harbour Canso Coastal Barens, Oil on Canvas, 20"x24", $1600 

Mark Brennan, Early Summer Morning, Archibald Lake, Near the St. Mary's River, Nova Scotia, Oil on Panel, 9"x12"

It is unbelievable how much diversity there is in the land and waters of Nova Scotia! Below you can find the magical watercolours that Mark recently brought in. It feels as if you are right there along with him! 

Mark Brennan, The Tangled Shore of the Liscomb, NS, Watercolour, 6.5"x9.5", $400

Mark Brennan, First Day In, Tobeatic Sporting Lake Stream, Watercolour, 9.5"x6.25", $400

Mark Brennan, Cold Winter Day, Bull Beach Spry Bay NS, Watercolour, 5.25"x8.25", $360

Mark Brennan, October West Village Seal Island, Watercolour, 5.25"x8.25", $360

Mark Brennan, Caribou Wetland Fundy National Park, NB, Watercolour, 9.5"x6.3", $400

Mark Brennan, Low Tide Taylor Head, Watercolour, 6.5"x9.5", $400

Thank you for hiking with us!