Thursday, April 13, 2023

Come Out of the FOG!

 It's finally that time of year again to get outside and start walking around your community. Breathe in the fresh Spring air and enjoy all the beautiful sights of the city of Halifax, both new and old!

Jack Ross, Late Afternoon Light Spring Garden Road, Acrylic on Board, 20"x20", $1500

One artist who has become quite familiar with the city on foot is Jack Ross! We are super excited to announce the opening of the first full solo show of the season - FOG! This show features a collection of 19 all new paintings by Jack that capture magical moments of light and shadow on the city streets!

Jack Ross, Along South & Tobin Street Overhead, Acrylic on Board, 10"x10", $450

Many of these scenes take place on foggy nights! Fog may seem like an odd topic to centre a show on, but it can be quite fascinating when you look a bit closer! In Atlantic Canada we are very used to the fog, but there are some parts of the world where it has never been experienced. Jack has managed to find the beauty and mystery in the fog, and has brought it to new life with this stunning collection of paintings.

Jack Ross, Off-Season Patio Lower Water St, Acrylic on Board, 24"x30", $1800

You may recognize some of the locations in these paintings, and some may be completely new to you! That is the wonder of Jack's painting process, as things in Halifax are always changing, these paintings truly become a unique glimpse into a moment of time in the city.

Jack Ross, Typical Weather Barrington St, Acrylic on Board, 8" Round, $400

So please join us as we journey on through the fog - there is so much to be discovered on every corner!

Jack Ross, Entryway on Barrington St, Acrylic on Board, 10"x10", $450

Jack Ross, Late Summer at the Public Gardens, Acrylic on Board, 10"x10", $450

Jack Ross, Parking Lot Next to the Academy Building, Acrylic on Board, 14" Round, $650

Jack Ross, Rain Outside Province House, Acrylic on Board, 20"x20", $1500

Jack Ross, Group Walking Along Sackville St, Acrylic on Board, 10"x10", $450

Jack Ross, Park by NSCAD, Acrylic on Board, 30"x40", $2400

Come by the gallery before May 6th to see this spectacular show in person! If you can't make it down, you can always see the full show online here: FOG by Jack Ross

Jack Ross, Boats Docked Along the Waterfront, Acrylic on Board, 20"x20", $1500