Wednesday, April 5, 2023

Easter Bunnies Everywhere!

 The Easter Bunny is coming!!!

Look at that, it's Easter Time! You can feel the drops of Spring in the air! Soon folks will gather with family and friends, eat delicious food, hunt for eggs, and exchange tokens of love! If you are on a hunt yourself-not for eggs-but for something sweet to share with your loved ones, you have reached your destination! Below you can find a selection of cards, paintings, and other gems that we think would make nice Easter gifts! Hop to it!


Jodie Hansen, You Crack Me Up Easter Card

Jodie Hansen, You're Dazzling Easter Card

Jodie Hansen, Dye Job Easter Card

The Critter Company, Imposter Bunnies Easter Card

The Critter Company, Hey Easter Card

The Critter Company, Flower Crown Easter Card

The Critter Company, Floppy Eared Bunny Easter Card

Raquel Roth, Frame-able Cards

Angela Doak, Bunny Easter Card

Briana Corr Scott, Deer Easter Card

Paintings, Etc.

Jennifer Sinclair, Sweet Bun, Acrylic on Board, 4"x5"

Jennifer Sinclair, Spring Chick, Acrylic on Board, 4"x5"

Sharon Cave, Millie, Oil on Board, 8"x8"

Sharon Cave, Maisie, Oil on Board, 8"x8"

Sabine Kearns, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow, 24"x24"

Raquel Roth, Spring Smile, Acrylic on Canvas, 6"x6"

Raquel Roth, A Little Spring, Acrylic on Canvas, 4"x4"

Michelle SaintOnge, Temporary Housing, Watercolour on Paper on Board, 12"x16"

Heidi Holloway, All Song and Dance, Acrylic on Board, 12"x16"

Geordan Moore, Fun Robbie, Monoprint on Board, 6"Round

Gordon MacDonald, Return to Last Light, Oil on Copper, 8"x10"

George Spencer, Egg and Bacon, Oil on Board, 6"x6"

Dusan Postolovic, Winslow the Owl, Coloured Pencil on Watercolour Paper, 16"x20"

Danny Abriel, A Favorable Light, Acrylic on Canvas, 24"x36"

Craig Gunn, Summer Vacation, Lac À La Tortue, Quebec, Oil on Canvas, 20"x24"

Catherine Bagnell Styles, August, Oil on Board, 10"x10"

Catherine Bagnell Styles, Pitcher Pefect, Oil on Canvas, 20"x20"

Caitlin McGuire, Ditch Bouquet, Oil on Aluminum, 8"x10"

Alicia Braganza, One Fine Day, Diptych, Acrylic on Board, 10"x20"

Adele Webster, Spectrum of the Sea-3, Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Board, 20"x20"

Adele Webster, Dive In, Acrylic and Gold Leaf on Board, 12"x12"

Small Goodies

Jennifer Sinclair, Bird's Nest, Art Print, 8.5"x11"

The Critter Company, Standing Bunny, Sticker

Gail Herner, Fawn, Needle Felted Wool, 5"x8"x8"

Gail Herner, Bunny, Needle Felted Wool, 4"x5"x4.5"

Jodie Hansen, Decorate Your Own Easter Egg, Bookmark

Basil Doucette, Various Sized Bunnies, Wood Carving

Basil Doucette, Tiny Birds, Wood Carving

Xinke Zhuang, Fried Egg, Sticker

Lil Crump, Van Gogh's Cat with Irises, Art Print, 8.5"x8.5"

Kassandra Lois, Lemon Friends, Art Print, 6"x6"

Erin Hollingshead, Waves in a Bottle, Linocut Print, 8"x10"

Hopefully this was a helpful read and you are filled with ideas for Easter goodies for all your loved ones! Hoppy Easter from Argyle Fine Art!