Saturday, January 25, 2014

BETTER LATE THAN NEVER~PRE-SHRUNK 2014 NOT Preview #9 and 10: Alexa Cude and Jessie X Chen- but FULL SHOW!

Well, Google and Gmail and BLOGGER crashed yesterday afternoon...just as we were ready to share Preview #9 and 10 with everyone here SO, instead of that NOW...we are happy to post the FULL SHOW ONLINE!  Just go to our Website at  and click on the first link at the top of the screen, that says "Preshrunk 2014!

All works are $175 and there are many still available!!!! The show opening was very successful last night! We still have to update the SOLD works on the site, but should have that done by 10:30am.  But if you are interested in any works, simply just give us a phone call at 902-425-9456 or email us at

Here are a few pictures of us getting ready for the show and beginning to hang the hundreds of pieces in the show! MORE PHOTOS from OPENING NIGHT COMING SOON!