Saturday, January 18, 2014

PRE-SHRUNK 2014 Preview #1: Katharine Burns

Well it's that time of the year again...PRE-SHRUNK 2014 is almost upon us, opening on Friday, January 24th, 7pm. This will be the 10th year for hosting this show that features miniature paintings...but with a twist. All the works MUST measure just 4" x 5" and are all priced at $175.

Since the previews and sneak peeks are always popular...who doesn't love to sneak on art!  So, here's the first PRE-SHRUNK PREVIEW by artist Katharine Burns . This piece is just one of five bicycle inspired works Katharine has submitted to the show. All of the works are painted with oil on board and are simply wonderful.

This is exactly why we love hosting Pre-Shrunk each year-meeting new  artists in our community with so much talent.

***If you are a Voucher your email on Tuesday evening for a full sneak peek of the show so far...**