Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Beat the Wednesday Blahs with our SCAVENGER HUNT- Clue #6

Hello and welcome to day six of our ONLINE Scavenger ART Hunt!  You don't need to leave your home or office...just have fun surfing our blog and website for the answers. It's never too late to take part, as each day there is a clue released at NOON and each correct answer per day, earns you another name in the draw for a FULL ONE YEAR ART SUBSCRIPTION from us called "CREATIVE EDITIONS"

IF YOU ARE NEW TO OUR SCAVENGER ART HUNT READ THIS: Each DAY at NOON, come to this blog and find your SCAVENGER ART HUNT clue on the main HOME page. If you solve the answer, email us your answer to Find the answers to the  CLUES on our blog, website ( , and social media channels (Facebook or TWITTER) for the answers.


Who are the TWO famous people depicted in the most recent miniature marionettes by Darren and Julie Moreash?

Hint: Argyle Fine Art has a FACEBOOK page...Search that for your answer today. Somewhere in February we posted these little guys pictures over there. You don't have to be on Facebook to access our Argyle Fine Art PAGE....but if you are...why not JOIN our page for lots of fun things posted each day. Daily doses of art is good for you!

The answer to yesterday's clue was in Winnie the Pooh, depicted on Christopher Hemsworth Heritage Minute Prints...still lots available for just $20 each!