Monday, February 23, 2015

Join our ONLINE Scavenger ART Hunt- Fun with art from the comfort of your home or office! far, so good it seems! People are really enjoying the ONLINE Scavenger ART Hunt and having fun surfing our blog and website for answers. It's never too late to take part, as each day there is a clue released at NOON and each correct answer per day, earns you another name in the draw for a FULL ONE YEAR ART SUBSCRIPTION from us called "CREATIVE EDITIONS"

IF YOU ARE NEW TO OUR SCAVENGER ART HUNT READ THIS: Each DAY at NOON, come to this blog and find your SCAVENGER ART HUNT clue on the main HOME page. If you solve the answer, email us your answer to Find the answers to the  CLUES on our blog, website ( , and social media channels (Facebook or TWITTER) for the answers.

What is the name of the game we'll be playing at Argyle Fine Art, over MARCH BREAK this year at the gallery? (all of you are invited of course!) 

Hint: The game is an original game invented by local artist Ed Beals. 

For each correct answer you provide, your name will go into a draw for a ONE YEAR ART SUBSCRIPTION from our CREATIVE EDITIONS program (Valued at $195) Draw date is Saturday, February 28th at 5pm. Only one answer per entry, per day. We'll reveal the answer the last clue when we release the next one, and so on and so forth.

 The answer to yesterday's clue, of HOW OLD IS ARGYLE FINE ART was 15 years old!   That's how old we'll be this July, to be specific!  Time sure does fly!