Saturday, February 21, 2015

STUDIO SATURDAYS: Starring into Artist's Studios with Special Guest, Cookie Monster

Hello and welcome to the fourth installment of our STUDIO SATURDAYS series. Last Saturday, we spoke with an art collector who loves art and shared her personal views on why art is important to her. This Saturday we thought we'd take a silly and light-hearted approach to art, and we asked our good friend COOKIE MONSTER what he thought of art. Seems that when Cookie Monster looks at art, even he finds himself inspired and it sparks his own creativity.

BUT IN ALL SERIOUSNESS....we also wanted to share a few more sneak peeks into our gallery artist's studios. We thought we'd start with showing you the inside of assemblage artist Ed Beals studio  ( who just so happens to be an artist we'll be featuring during our MARCH BREAK activities at the gallery soon-make sure to click on our MARCH BREAK tab or link to find out more!).

Ed Beals loves to collect things, but the bonus is....he makes things out of bits and bops that the rest of us would dismiss as garbage.  You've probably seen his work at our gallery in the form of Ray Guns or Robots or the most recent edition...a UFO. But he also likes to make things from paper, such as his ever popular FOLD-eds.
The Studio of artist Ed Beals
Another artist that we adore and who will be having a show at Argyle Fine Art in mid-April, is Nastasha Krzyzewski. It's so interesting to see artist spaces and note how even though many are very different, many are very similar in some ways as well. Many of our artists like to surround themselves with "things" to inspire creativity or just to make the space more comfy. Indeed for many artists, their studio IS their home.

The Studio of artist Nastasha Krzyzewski
Make sure to check back each Saturday afternoon, for a new blog posting in our STUDIO SATURDAYS series! Next week, we'll be hearing from a collector of art who has been collecting art for close to his entire lifetime!