Saturday, February 7, 2015


As we had mentioned last Saturday, Argyle Fine Art is interested in exploring what ART means to all sorts of people from all walks of life; from those that create it to those that collect it,  in our new blog series "Studio Saturdays: Getting to Know Art".  Today is the second Saturday for Studio Saturdays and today we've asked a few more artists to share their studio images with us, as you will see below.

**Next Saturday, we'll  hear from a  guest blogger about why they love art and choose to surround themselves with local art in their homes.**

This Saturday, we'd like to introduce you to the studios of three very different artists and studio practices.

We'll begin with artist Mark Brennan, whom many know as a "plein air" landscape painter- meaning his "studio" is often just him perched along a stream, in an old growth forest or inside a tent during a snow storm   Wow- are a brave brave artist!

When Mark isn't outside he brings his artwork inside, to his home studio. Here he can continue to work on pieces he began on location or expand on an idea, in a larger format that would otherwise be difficult to work on outside.

Studio of artist Mark Brennan
Artist Bryanna Chapeskie is an emerging artist who loves illustration and typography as a form of art. She works predominantly with ink and watercolour on paper, to create lush works filled with texture, colour and light, and a dose of humour in some cases too. She and her twin sister also own a company called "Double Dare" which specializes in screen-printed cards, prints and other products. We love this creative space Bryanna has created. Her lovely black cat named Potato is usually near by and loves art too and is a creative inspiration we think!

Studio of artist Bryanna Chapeskie

Shelley Mitchell is a local artist who is very well-known and collected from our gallery and across Canada. What you may not know is that Shelley likes to plan her paintings out in a variety of ways. She researches her subject matters in person and online, she takes photos and works from those in some cases as a beginning point- but then the work takes on a life of it's own in Shelley's capable hands. To that end, you'll notice that Shelley's studio seems quite organized and that there truly is a method to the madness, which is the wonderful works by Mitchell.

Studio of artist Shelley Mitchell
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