Thursday, January 28, 2016

Beach Walking with Pre-Shrunk: Inspired by the Sea

Pre-Shrunk is in it's 5th official day of opening today, and already well over 100 little works of art have found their new homes. However there are so many more still waiting for you to adopt them forever! Drop by in person or visit online and bring a work of art home today.

Each year a theme or colour palette emerges within the show without anyone really planning it. As expected, many of the artists from Nova Scotia and surrounding provinces are influenced by what's around them, and one thing most of us are lucky to have in common is the ocean.

Here are just a few of the works by participating artists that explored this subject matter and are a welcome reminder of the beach walks we all love so much.

 The works above are by Briana Corr-Scott, who is a reguar gallery artist at Argyle Fine Art. In fact, she is working very hard in her studio preparing for a stunning show of illustration, watercolour and oil paintings that is set to open early May.

Breaking Wave by Katharine Burns
Nova Scotia Beach by Erin Hollingshead
Kimberley Eddy reminds us of jumping the waves!
Rose Saulnier takes us on a peaceful can almost hear the waves....
Breaker  by Marlene York