Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Pre-Shrunk Sneak Peek #4, #5 & #6- Lindsay Hicks, Allison Taylor and Damien Webb

Pre-Shrunk 2016 is almost here now...just a two more sleeps away!  We won't be doing too much sleeping here at the gallery, as we prepare for one of the biggest shows of the year that just so happens to showcase the smallest works by over 60 artists. There are over 300 works in total...this could be the largest show to date since we began the idea for this show of miniature works 12 years ago!

Today we decided to feature a few Pre-Shrunk Sneak Peeks to showcase the variety of work selected for the exhibit- there really is something for everyone!

PRE-SHRUNK Sneak Peek #4  is by emerging artist Lindsay Hicks. We've worked with Lindsay on special projects throughout the years such as the Cat and Dog Person show (she draws wonderful portraits of people's pets!) but she has also been steadily growing as a painter and we're so so delighted to showcase her works during the show!

The Tepid Ground, 4"x 5", Acrylic and Watercolour on board, Lindsay Hicks

PRE-SHRUNK Sneak Peek #5 is by funny girl Allison Taylor who delights us with her hand-coloured and illustrated cards throughout the year. She created a mini- colouring book just for us with 11 pages that encourage you to add your own artistic ideas. Get out the markers and coloured pencils! Here is the cover page!

Cats and Other Creatures, Ink on paper, 4" x 5"Allison Taylor  Limited Edition of 10

PRE-SHRUNK Sneak Peek #5- And now for something completely different....Damien Webb has participated in our Pre-Shrunk shows in the past and has always delighted viewers with his imaginative mixed media works. This year he has created a series of works that reference popular culture. Can you guess what movie this reference is from?  The title of the piece may give it away a bit...

Royale with Cheese, Mixed Media, 4" x 5", Damien Webb