Friday, January 29, 2016

Pre-Shrunk: To Everything, There is a Season

Today we're heading back behind the scenes of our Pre-Shrunk show with artist Colin Dorgan.

Colin made four pieces for the show in a series he called "Tiny Welcomes". This series brings together his pencil and water colour drawings with two beautiful types of wood, live edge ash and walnut.

Colin Dorgan, Safe Travels, 4"x5"

Now for the fun part, Colin was kind enough to send along some shots of how he put the pieces together.

Colin Dorgan, Tiny Welcomes

As you can see all four pieces came from the same stunning piece of live edge ash wood, that when assembled look like this:

Colin' Dorgan, Tiny Welcomes, 4"x5" each

Colin's pieces can either be hung, or thanks to the wood frames, are also able to stand on their own.

Colin Dorgan, Tiny Welcomes

Thanks to Colin for creating beautiful work and for letting us see behind the scenes! The full show is available online for viewing, but as always we recommend coming in to see it with your own eyes. The show is up until February 13th!

And here's one last piece from Colin for you to enjoy!

Colin Dorgan, Bienvenue (With an Irish Accent), 4"x5"