Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Pre-Shrunk 2016- Sneak Peek #3- Gordon MacDonald

As Pre-Shrunk 2016 fast approaches; opening THIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 22nd, 7pm.....we are excited to share one sneak peek per day on our blog. Of course no Pre-Shrunk sneak peeks would be complete without including a work by one of our main gallery artists: Gordon MacDonald.

Chances are you already know Gord if you've ever visited our gallery in person. He can often be found here mentoring emerging artists about mediums and techniques, picking up supplies at the nearby art supply shop or just telling an interesting tale of his past that makes everyone smile and laugh. Of course he is serious about his art but not too serious which allows him to take risks and experiment. He is a lifelong learner and works as a full-time artist. I say work, because IT IS!

We often hear young artists and clients alike say things like, " How does he do it?!". The answer is simple...He loves what he does and he works hard everyday to achieve a new personal goal.   Gordon has submitted 22 works in our Pre-Shrunk show. Because we love him so much, he pretty much gets to enter as many as he likes and this show is his favourite of the season too!  Here's just one example of the many beautiful works that will await you...

Oil on Copper, 4" x 5", Gordon MacDonald